Nightly Closures of Various North- and Southbound Interstate 35E Main Lanes Between Corinth and Denton
Various lanes of north- and southbound I-35E between Corinth Parkway in Corinth and Mayhill Road in Denton will be closed overnight from 9 p.m. until 6 a.m., Tuesday, March 11 through Saturday, March 15. During these closures, crews will test the depth and density of the asphalt in preparation for upcoming traffic shifts. One lane will remain open to traffic at all times.
This closure is needed for work related to the 35Express project, an expansion of I-35E between US Highway 380 in Denton County and I-635 in Dallas County. All closures are subject to weather conditions and will be postponed, if necessary.

Construction Update March 11, 2014

Crews continue to make progress on work needed to widen bridges along the corridor.  On the south end of the project, the interstate at Beltline and Crosby Roads has been restriped and traffic has been shifted to set concrete traffic barriers. Bridge demolition work has also started at Valwood Parkway. Work is progressing on the new southbound Lewisville Lake bridge, as nineteen drill shifts needed for the bridge supports have been placed. Further north, work on the Loop 288, Bonnie Brae and Mayhill Road bridges continues. Crews are widening these bridges to the middle and will partially demolish the inside of these structures. In order to complete this work, there will be nightly closures of Loop 288, Bonnie Brae and Mayhill Road underneath the bridges and various lane closures on the interstate in these areas.

Just Compensation When the Government Takes Your Land

When the State of Texas wants to take your land, the process begins with an offer letter. The State must provide you with a description of the property they intend to take and a monetary offer. Before the State can file suit, it must provide you with a final offer and an appraisal from a certified appraiser with the fair market value of the property it is taking.
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Eminent Domain

What Do You Do if the Government Wants to Take Your Land?

Eminent domain is the authority given to certain entities that allows them to take private property for a public purpose. This authority is given to Cities, Counties, the State of Texas, and to companies that build pipelines for the transportation of oil and gas for a third party. These are condemnors.

Learn What To Do When The Government Wants To Take Your Land!

Eminent Domain for Commercial Tenants

A commercial tenant holds certain property rights created by the commercial lease. Condemnation of the real property estate will always affect the rights of the tenant. The terms of the lease will typically address the consequences of a condemnation on the lease itself, and may control the rights of the landlord and the tenant to the condemnation award.

The entity that is taking the property (the “Condemnor”) will compensate the property owner for the fair market value of the property taken, and any recoverable damages for the taking. As a tenant, you may be entitled to a recovery of a portion of the compensation. This will depend on the amount of the property taken, the terms of the lease, and the effect it will have on your business.

If the lease does not address condemnation, then a Tenant is entitled to just compensation for the loss or damage to the leasehold. If the lease addresses condemnation specifically, your rights as a tenant will be controlled by the terms of the lease and their application to the actual condemnation.

Work In Progress

Commuters have more than Interstate 35E construction in their future.

While the ongoing work for I-35E is perhaps getting the most attention, more than $50 million in road projects across Denton County are also designed to improve motorists’ daily travels.
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TxDot Buys 80 Parcels of Land for I-35E Expansion

The Texas Department of Transportation has acquired 80 parcels of property in Denton County along the planned 30-mile expansion route of Interstate 35E, and negotiations are ongoing for additional properties.
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Paving The Way

Commuters may get a pass until after New Year’s on construction on Interstate 35E.

Crews have begun preparatory work on the frontage roads up and down I-35E to pave the way for the heavy work to come, but construction is not expected to begin until after the first of the year.
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Ways to learn about I-35E project

The 35Express project, designed to bring long-awaited and much-anticipated improvements to Interstate 35E between Denton and Dallas, will be massive in terms of scope and budget, and it will impact thousands of residents and businesses in every community along the 28-mile route.
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IH 35E from IH 635 to US 380

In 1998, TxDOT began a comprehensive review and planning study of the IH 35E corridor in Dallas and Denton Counties.  For the next 13 years, TxDOT along with communities and stakeholders along this corridor refined the designs and upgrades for this corridor.  In 2011 and 2012, TxDOT received environmental clearance for the $4.8 billion infrastructure project.  Also during that timeframe, $1 billion in funding was identified for an initial phase of the project with most coming from SH 121 regional toll revenue funds dedicated to Denton County.  In accordance with state law, TxDOT and corridor stakeholders held seven public meetings to determine the method and scope of the initial phase (Phase 1) of this project as well as lay the ground work for Phase 2 to complete the remaining elements of the corridor.

On December 13, 2012, the Texas Transportation Commission conditionally awarded Phase 1 of the project to AGL Constructors.  AGL Constructors is a Design-Build Joint Venture comprised of several notable design and construction firms including Archer Western Contractors, LLC , Granite Construction Company and Lane Construction Company.

The I-35E project is dedicated to improving mobility along I-35E in a safe, efficient, reliable and environmentally sensitive manner.


The ultimate $4.8 billion project would rebuild the entire 28-mile corridor will require two phases and will provide the travelling public managed lanes with dynamic pricing on managed lanes to keep traffic moving at 50 mph.

The project consists of three segments:

  • Segment 1 – south end, I-635 to Bush Turnpike, 5.5 miles
  • Segment 2 – middle portion, Bush Turnpike to FM 2181,12.1 miles
  • Segment 3 – north end, FM 2181 to US 380, 10.5 miles

Segment 2 received environmental clearance in January 2011; Segment 1 received environmental clearance in December 2011; and Segment 3 received environmental clearance in January 2012.

Daily Usage

This section of the I-35 corridor is on the list of Texas’ 100 most congested roadways. Expanding I-35E will reduce congestion that results in lost work time, increased fuel costs and higher price of goods.


Phase 1 improvements include:

  • one additional general purpose lane in each direction in Denton County
  • two reversible managed lanes from IH 635 to FM 2181
  • additional general purpose lanes and frontage roads across Lake Lewisville

Phase 2 will complete all remaining elements of the ultimate environmentally approved schematic not constructed in Phase 1.


Phase 1 construction could begin by Summer 2013 with a completion date of late 2016.

Phase 2 construction will be contingent upon funding and delivery method to be determined within the next 8 to 10 years.

source:  Texas Department of Transporation website at


What is Eminent Domain?

Eminent Domain is the inherent power of the government to take private property for the use and benefit of the public. Our Constitution and laws provide that just and adequate compensation be paid to someone whose property is needed for public use. The compensation to which a person is entitled is based on the value of the property taken and the diminution in value of the remaining property, if any, caused by the taking. An occupant may be entitled to additional compensation such as relocation assistance for residential or commercial properties that are no longer suitable for their use.

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What does Texas law say about liability for accidents caused by highway construction?

A contractor working for the Texas Department of Transportation has a special statute exempting it from almost all liability: Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code 97.002. The statute applies to claims for personal injury, property damage or death that “arise from” the contractor’s performance of construction and repair on a highway.

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This should be an interesting ten years.