I have dealt with many attorneys, predominantly as a defense witness. I had an unfortunate incident in December and was arrested. I was represented by Mr. Craig Price who managed to plea the charge down to a class C Misdemeanor. This was greatly appreciated. Mr. Craig Price is truly a gem. An exceptional person and lawyer. He is well known...
This is the law firm I use and I highly recommend Robert Morris for any and all elder legal needs. – DJ
I would like to vigorously recommend Robert Morris for your legal needs. I have found him to be tough in the court room. He is very erudite. Also, when it is in his client’s best interest, he finds time and room to negotiate a reasonable settlement.” – Merv Waage, Vice President of Consumer Bankruptcy for the State Bar of Texas...
Robert [Morris] has demonstrated over the years to be a professional with high intellect and high ethical standards. I have had the honor to sit on a UNT board with him which also shows his willingness to give back to the community in which he works and lives. – Ray C., Businessman
Rob [Robert Morris] has extensive knowledge across all aspects of law. His caring and passionate personality shows through his work, he is one of the few attorneys who actually “gets it” when it comes to understanding what the client is going through. He provides clear and detailed answers, anyone who has the pleasure of working with Rob will be completely...
Mark – Thank you so much for your work on my case this week. I truly appreciate everything you’ve done. Please thank Virginia for me as well. I was so pleased with your quick study of my case and how things came out. You are great at what you do. – D.F, client
Robert Morris has extensive knowledge in the senior markets. He is honest and very straight forward. If you are looking to get it right the first time, trust Robert Morris. – B. R. , elder care professional
Robert [Morris] works very hard to insure client satisfaction. He is very personable and is an industry expert. I strongly recommend Robert! – D. S, Businessman
Thad Finley has always been a professional standout in the crowd of clients we provide services for. He’s upfront, to the point, and no monkey-business. If all my clients conducted their business with me the same as Mr. Finley has, my job would be trouble-free. Unfortunately, Thad is one in a million. – W.R., Businessman
Virginia Hammerle is a colleague of long standing. From the time we were classmates in law school until the present, she and I have working in the same field in the same locality for over 31 years at the time of this writing. She is an excellent lawyer and a recognized leader in the legal community. – Charles Beachley, attorney