North Texas Guardian Services

This unique program is one of the only guardianship and care management programs within the state of Texas that is hosted by a sought-after law firm. There are numerous benefits to the client and their family through this unique relationship, such as highly qualified and trained staff, access to legal advice and direction, and an additional level of oversight and accountability.

The Program is registered with the Judicial Branch Certification Commission and the staff are members of the Texas Guardianship Association and Aging Life Care Association. Within these entities, there is additional training and resources for the program, the staff, and ultimately to the client.

Under this program, North Texas Guardians Services can receive Guardianship appointments on both a Temporary and Permanent basis. There may be situations that arise where a loved one needs a guardian immediately, and the program is qualified to take these appointments while a loved one is working to qualify under the law to become the legal guardian. North Texas Guardian Services can be appointed as the permanent guardian for those that may need it.

A 3rd party guardian offers benefits to both the family and the ward. Many times, a 3rd party guardian can help in preserving or improving family relationships. Often, older adults don’t want their children or grandchildren to be their guardian, and by a 3rd party becoming the guardian this can relieves some of the stress and anxiety for the whole family. A program generally has more resources, education, and oversight as they perform the court ordered work.

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